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Let’s Talk on Google Hangouts


Today’s technology makes chatting one-on-one or in a group very easy. You can chat with a friend or
family member or have a virtual meeting with your club. To make this happen on the
Stories by Ordinary People platform, all it takes is sending a message to with your phone number and the numbers of
anyone else you want to be included in the conversation. Using Google Hangouts, on the date and time you designate, I will call you and then the person or people to be included in the chat. Once everyone is online, I’ll start the recording and provide an introduction.

After that it’s up to you. Forget that you’re being recorded and just chat. The whole idea of this initiative is for ordinary people like you and me to talk to other ordinary people. The conversation will be recorded and then posted on podcast channels and shared on social media. The subject of the chat can be whatever you want it to be - family lore, your hobby or thoughts and ideas you would like to share.

Whatever story or subject you choose, and it can certainly be more than one, remember that something you have to say could impact the life of someone else and, as an added bonus, provide the means for a family member or friend to get to know you better.

Last, but not least, for this initiative to take off, it needs to be shared and shared again. So, let’s do it!! Let’s build a community of people talking to each other.

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